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At what age should we start talking to our kids about sexuality?

8 September 2017

Sexuality may be a taboo subject, but it is a part of the day to day reality in the lives of our children, so sooner or later, they will start to have questions about the topic. At what age should one ideally bring up the topic of sex in a conversation with our kids? Here is an overview of what to expect.

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How to encourage your kids to read

26 August 2017

Reading is very beneficial for the cognitive and social development of children. Indeed, it improves the kids’ social skills and improves their self-esteem, which is why it is necessary to help children like to read and engage in reading often. Here are a few tips to encourage children to read a good book.

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How can you help your little ones build self-confidence?

11 August 2017

Confidence in oneself is vital to ensuring the success of your children not only at school, but throughout life. However, it is not something one is born with – it develops over time. Here are a few tips to help with building your child’s self-esteem.

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5 Snacks Ideas for Your Kids

31 July 2017

When thinking about snacks for children, it is not always easy to find ideas that are healthy and mouth-watering for hot summer days. Here are a few ideas for original snacks that will brighten up the morning breaks of your little ones.

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5 Ways to Have Fun with Paint

19 July 2017

Children love to paint. Painting allows them to creatively express their emotions through art. Here are a few ideas for painting that kids can engage in by themselves or with friends and family.

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3 ideas for a low-cost family holiday

1 July 2017

Are you looking for family vacation ideas that do not cost too much for the upcoming season? Here are a few suggestions that should work for adults and kids alike.

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What if my child is bullied at school?

16 June 2017

Bullying is a social phenomenon that may begin very early in young people. Indeed, at the primary school level, various forms of this behaviour can play a role in undermining your child’s morale and destroying his or her sense of self-esteem. However, the child may not tell you about being a victim of bullying. Here are a few tips to follow if your child is facing bullying at school.

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4 Tips for Helping Your Child Have Better Grades at School

2 June 2017

When it’s time to have fun, your little ones are enthusiastic and attentive, but it all changes when you talk to them about studies or preparing for tests. Here are a few tips for helping your kid learn and increase their chances of success.

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7 Educational Game Ideas for Your Kids

24 May 2017

A parent is always looking for the best ideas to keep the little ones entertained while they learn something new. Here are a few ideas that would allow your little treasures to have fun while developing their mental abilities.

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4 Original Lunch Ideas for Your Kids

5 May 2017

Why should your children’s lunch box include the traditional crust-free ham sandwich, an apple, a package of celery, and an orange juice box? Here are a few lunch ideas that will add variety and spice to your kids’ menus.

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5 Activity Ideas for a Family Weekend

21 April 2017

Weekends are for fun and having a good time with the people you love. Why not do something both useful and pleasant? Try these five educational activities with your children this weekend!

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6 Crafts Ideas for Your Kids

7 April 2017

When they return from school, your children are often exhausted and thinking about one thing only: having some fun. Crafts can be an interesting activity for them not only because it’s fun, but because it makes use of their creativity and stimulates their imagination. Here are a few ideas for crafts to work on at home.

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4 Tips How to Save on School Supplies

24 March 2017

Every year, many Quebec parents have to spend a hefty sum in order to ensure that their children have all of the supplies they need to success during the school year. Here are a few tips that will help you save money on school supplies to start a new term or for any other academic event.

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3 Tips to help your kids do homework

17 March 2017

When they come home from school, children usually want to have fun rather than do their homework, and yet homework is essential to their academic success. Here are a few tips to motivate them to complete homework without overdoing it.